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Hey Friends,

This chapter of StudentOne is aimed at Non-EU students in Republic of Ireland. Unfortunately it is difficult for students specially from developing countries to find the support they need when they find themselves in muddled water. This site tries to build a social platform to provide a safety harness for students from Asian subcontinent.   

Anyway friends, let me remind you that keeping in view of my limited budget for maintaining this web site, I have created a yahoo group. As always you will find all the information for free, there is no spam, sponsorship or advertisement involved. Here is it's link http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Education_in_Ireland/

Join this group for tips on visa, scholarships, accommodation and general guidance for students aspiring to study in Ireland.

The main purpose of the group is how to live on shoe string budget. Don't worry most of the students don't have a lot of money and here we exchange ideas to make the life a bit more comfortable. Don't forget to check the email archive of the group and in case of any kind of trouble don't hesitate to come forward. You'll find yourself in warm hands. Remember there are no silly questions.

If possible make sure you get your self an ISIC card issued in your home country, you will need it if you use transport (by train, http://www.irishrail.ie/) over here frequently but believe me if you are on budget like everyone else then you will fall in love with the bus services (http://www.buseireann.ie/) . Oh come on, I don't have the time and space on this web site to tell you all the little knowledge nuggets. Please, join our group and kindly use genuine email ID because we can't form friendship with a person who lies to us about his email ID.

Well, Ireland is a bit expensive country specially for students from third world countries. So, make extra sure that if you come across any sale then do shout in your loudest voice about it on the group. Believe me it will help someone out there.

Best of Luck!

Shaikh Khurram Saghir

See you at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Education_in_Ireland/



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